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1974-1982 Lotus Elite II: The Would Be Shape of Things to Come

For most people when you mention Lotus, images of the wedge shaped Esprit come to mind or more recently the tiny Elise and Evora. For even more people it’s difficult … Continue reading

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1976 Esprit vs 2016 Focus: A Comparison?

It’s easy to take the advancements in the world of automotive engineering for granted. In just the last few years tremendous advances have made cars faster, more efficient and safer … Continue reading

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1996-2004 Lotus Esprit V8: Going Out With More Swirl and Swagger

Among British sports car builders, few can claim the respected for its technical prowlers than Lotus. Long a proponent of doing more with less, its Esprit looked the part of … Continue reading

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2006-2010 Lotus Europa: Try and Try Again

Lotus is known for its light weight cars. For as long as Lotus has been building cars, it’s founder Colin Chapman’s philosophy has been it’s golden rule: make it light … Continue reading

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1974-1982 Lotus Elite: The Featherweight of Heavy Hitters

In 1974 after a 10 year absence Lotus released an all new and updated Elite, called not surprisingly the Elite II.  Although there was one 2.0 engine used in the … Continue reading

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1990-1992 Lotus Carlton

This type of performance in a sedan was almost unheard of outside of Italy or Germany as the Carlton quickly established itself as one of the world’s fastest cars, easily outpacing BMW’s M5 and Mercedes Benz’s 500E.

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1987-1995 Lotus Esprit Turbo

A new generation saw the Esprit cast in popular films a decade later like 1990’s “Pretty Woman”, where star Julia Robert’s character Vivian teaches Edward played by Richard Gere how to drive a stick using his friends silver 89 Esprit.

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