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1996-2001 Isuzu Vertex: Isuzu Does Its Civic Duty

Isuzu is hardly known for their cars in America anymore. The last passenger car the company sold here was the Impulse (with a GM version re-badged as the Geo Storm). … Continue reading

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1966 – 1969 Porsche 911S: Performance Evolution vs. Revolution

Just about anybody who loves cars likes the Porsche 911. There are also those who hate it too, but they can’t deny that it’s a moving target among sports car builders. Like … Continue reading

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2016 Chevrolet Malibu: Is The 9th Time is the Charm?

It’s great to see Chevrolet’s stable of sedans make gradual improvements in an attempt to make cars important again. Although I’ve been frustrated with the lack of progress in making … Continue reading

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Screen Dreams: Auto Infotainment Systems Part 2

Continued from Screen Dreams: Auto Infotainment Systems Part 1 The Price of Being First With so many operating systems under pinning the many options available today, the question of whether any car … Continue reading

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Screen Dreams: Automotive Infotainment Systems Part 1

While fumbling with the infotainment features on my Focus, I began to wonder about the long-term sustainability of my car’s primary driver distraction. As an early adopter, my experience with … Continue reading

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1969-1970 Mercury Marauder X-100: Leader of the Pack

Big cars appear to be on a comeback trail. Chalk it up to the euphoria of cheap gas, but large cars from The Big Three are selling well. The only … Continue reading

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2006-2013 Toyota Corolla: Very Likely Your Mom’s Car

Sometimes the most popular things can be the most mediocre by the standards of others. Take the Toyota Corolla for instance. It’s been America’s favorite small car for longer than … Continue reading

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1974 – 1980 Ford Escort MkII: The Beginning of a Global Dynasty

It’s no secrete that I’m a big fan of the Ford Escort. The mention of it to my friends usually evokes laughter based on the (sometimes undeserved) sordid reputation of the … Continue reading

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2014 Alfa Romeo 4C: Coming To America

Last week I saw an ad in the newspaper announcing Columbus’ first new Alfa Romeo dealer in decades. I immediately thought the Fiat/Chrysler Group were going about the relaunch of their red … Continue reading

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2010 Peugot RCZ R – R is French for Tease

Pikes Peak is a grueling uphill race that tests the mettle of both driver and machine. There are multiple classes, so it’s not uncommon to see a little bit of everything. … Continue reading

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