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2007 Honda Civic Type R Sedan: A Case For Four

3 Generations of Type R Civics

3 Generations of Type R Civics

The Type R designation represents Honda’s highest in-house sport tuned line of cars. Originally an off shoot of the NSX, the Type R designation has been used in Acura cars in the US (Integra) and Honda’s European and JDM Civic and Accords. The Type R Civics sold in the US were slightly de-tuned compared with their European and Japanese counterparts. They were usually always in 2 door hatch back form and had more in common with the previous S or Si designation used by Honda in America through the 80’s and 90’s.  All Type R cars are white with red interiors. A special red badge representing Honda’s racing heritage is on each car. Recently Type R cars have been available in a few other colors.
Type R Civic Dash

Type R Civic Dash

2007 marked the first time a Civic sedan was used as a Type R car. The popular Civic line was already well-known for it’s all around performance, quality and efficiency. The new Type R sedan added utility to that mix and was sold alongside the traditional two door hatchback in Europe and Japan. In America, a similar but less powerful Si version of the Civic sedan marked the first time the Si label had been used in anything other than a coupe. The US Civic with its 197 hp 2 litre shares many components with its faster overseas counterparts. The larger sedan with its increased wheelbase improved high-speed stability, while power was increased to compensate for the increased weight to 225 hp with the 2.0 iVTEC engine.

Now that Acura no longer sells the RSX, there have been rumors has that Honda may fill the gap with the Type R Civic in 2010.The American version should be closely related the Japanese car, with its limited-slip differential, six speed gearbox and 18 in wheels. It’s not known if it will be a Honda or an Acura, coupe or sedan. Acura is trying to position its cars more upmarket as alternatives to BMWs and Audis. A Type R branded product would fit well into that marketing scheme if they can keep it under or close to $30k.  Whatever they name it, it will be most welcomed, as tuners have for years been able to buy JDM parts to turn their Civics and Acuras to close facsimiles of Type R cars. Not a day goes by hardly where I don’t see tune-as-you-go Civic or Integra with mix and match “Type R” parts and decals on it.  Maybe those tunerboys will have grown tired of patching up their well worn cars and finally will decide to make the plunge for the real thing – that’s if we actually get it.

2007 Civic Type R

2007 Civic Type R


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