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2016 Buick Cascada: The Continued German Occupation of Buick

Whether we like to admit it or not, German has deservedly developed a reputation for making good machines. During the World Wars, their machines often were more advanced and imaginative … Continue reading

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1982 – 1987 Holden Camira: The March to the Front

Today we take front wheel drive cars for granted. There was a time 30 or 40 years ago when the public was skeptical to the ideal of being pulled instead … Continue reading

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1975-1977 Mazda Roadpacer: Turning Japanese Via Australia

The American car market at one time was the center of the automotive world. Many small companies like Mazda partnered with larger companies like Ford to help get a foothold … Continue reading

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2012-2013 Holden Walkinshaw Cruze: Piecing It Together

America loves its Chevy Cruze and so does the rest of the world. In Europe and Australia, sold as Vauxhall or Holden, it’s been a hot seller also. Gearheads take issue with … Continue reading

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2009 Pontiac G3: When 3 Is the Loneliest Number

In the sad drama that was the last years of GM’s Pontiac division, one car stood out for its virtual lack of impact on sales or the Pontiac legacy. The Korean built G3 … Continue reading

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1987-1988 HDT Brock Director: A Commodore Dressed for Street Fighting

Automotive design is becoming increasingly global in that the differences between nations and cultures are slowly diminishing. Global planning and outreach has become a way of life for large auto … Continue reading

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2011-2013 Chevrolet Volt : Taking Charge of the Electric Market

It’s not everyday that one car can generate so much controversy and promise at the same time. The Chevrolet Volt is one such car. Controversy stems from the rapid development of … Continue reading

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2004-2012 Daewoo Tosca: Attractive By Any Name

The Daewoo Tosca is one of those cars that never made it to the United States, but had an indirect impact on GM’s small car development in the States, and … Continue reading

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1989-1993 Pontiac LeMans: From Fame to Shame

If you were like me you were a little disappointed (if not relieved) that the end of the world did not happen last week like that internet church said it … Continue reading

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Pontiac Motor Division 1926-2010 (part 1)

His ideal was to take one of the big block V8s normally housed in a large sedan like a Catalina or Bonneville and put it into a smaller, lighter intermediate like the Lemans. And so in 1964 muscle car was born and the rest was history.

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