The cars we loved.

1965 – 1967 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport: For Mature Audiences Only

It always amazed me how different American cars appeared from year to year in the 1960s. Even when they were continuing on with the same basic body, they looked almost … Continue reading

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2012-2014 SRT Viper: Shedding It’s Skin Once Again

Miracles seem like everyday occurrences at Chrysler, although like a dreams, they don’t last long. In the past a great car would have come around and saved the company from its own … Continue reading

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2010-2014 Buick Lacrosse: Heritage Holdout

For anyone missing the good old days of the American automobile, they can take a little comfort in knowing that the “American car” type is making something of a comeback. … Continue reading

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2012-2014 Toyota Prius C: A Missed Opportunity?

The Prius has grown into a family of cars with the original 5 door fastback remaining the star of the line up. Potentially, the most interesting Prius is the smallest … Continue reading

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1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra: Disco Compact Supercar?

The Mustang is the longest running pony car nameplate in America. It hung in there when the Javiln, Charger and finally the Camaro and Firebird had bowed out. Its longevity came … Continue reading

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2014 Mazda3: From All Smiles to Serious Luxury Looker

The new Mazda3 poses an interesting question. Would you prefer luxury in a compact package from a non European (German) company or bare bones luxury from a German carmaker? Cars … Continue reading

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2014 Toyota Corolla: The Compact King’s New Clothes

America’s best selling compact car is a little less generic looking this year as it 11th generation design takes a few cues from the surprisingly exciting Furia concept car of … Continue reading

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Can a Case For a Ford Capri Be Made?

Back in the day the Mercury Capri was seen as a more sophisticated version of the pony car. It’s smaller size and harder working V6 engine summed up the European … Continue reading

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1993-1998 Citroen Xantia: Staying on the Level

When it comes to automotive shoulda-couda-wouldas in history, the fate of the French car in America comes to mind. The biggest peddler of French cars in America was PSA Peugeot, … Continue reading

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1968 – 1971 Dodge Super Bee: Muscle Car to the Max

In the horsepower wars of the first muscle car era (they were actually called supercars then), every major manufacturer had some weapon to wield straight from the factory.  By 1968, … Continue reading

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