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2014 Dodge Dart: Another Small Car Target Missed?

In my lifetime I remember many of the small cars from Chrysler as being initially interesting but ultimately forgettable with poor build quality and cheesy ergonomics. It’s never been for … Continue reading

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2014 – 2015 Audi A3: The Fruit at the Bottom?

The compact luxury segment is really heating up in the United States. After years of seeing small cars as penalty boxes, American’s are slowly changing their perceptions about small cars. … Continue reading

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2015 Ford Falcon – An Aussie Bird’s Final Flight

The end of the line for any performance car is always sad news. Even sadder is the demise of an entire division. In America fans of Pontiac Oldsmobile, Saturn and … Continue reading

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Volkswagen Santana: Quantum Physics in China

The Chinese auto market is an odd thing. There Buick is like Lexus and VW was like Toyota. Was because VW has lost its sales dominance to Buick of all … Continue reading

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1964 – 1968 Ferrari 275 GTB: The Subtle Transition to Modern

The Ferrari 250 Berlinetta or Lusso was one of Ferrari’s most beautiful GT cars. It classic lines represents the height of Ferrari’s old world designs. The “Lussos” were a tough … Continue reading

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1977 – 1983 Maserati Kyalami: The African Queen?

Big sporting coupes have been a segment that European automakers have been consistent with ever since the ’70s. Of course big by their definition is merely mid-sized by ours, but … Continue reading

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1971 – 1975 Lancia 2000 Coupe: The Last of the Thoroughbreds

Coupes are an exciting segment in the automotive market, but lately their numbers have been dwindling. Some of the most exciting GT cars to come out of Europe were less … Continue reading

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2008 – 2012 Tesla Roadster: Adding Real Spark To a Segment

For most people the electric car was the stuff of nerds. That was before the Tesla Roadster made it’s public debut in 2007. Rumors of an American electric car company … Continue reading

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1992-1994 Jaguar XJ220: The Super Car with Less Than Super Timing

  The late 1980s was a heated time for a new crop of modern supercars. Nearly everyone who was worth their space in Beverly Hills auto parlors were represented. Lamborghini, … Continue reading

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1965 – 1967 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport: For Mature Audiences Only

It always amazed me how different American cars appeared from year to year in the 1960s. Even when they were continuing on with the same basic body, they looked almost … Continue reading

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