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1992-1995 Rover 220 Coupe Turbo – Better Late Than Never

Rover isn’t a brand that evokes much emotion or thought in America. Few remember the Sterling (800 in Britain), a midsized luxury sedan made in partnership with Honda. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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1963-1977 Rover P6: It’s True Beauty is Under the Skin

Nowadays we take a well-planned interior for granted. Even the worst offenders in the art of usable control surfaces and arrangements have gotten on board. It wasn’t always that way … Continue reading

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1991-1995 MG VR8: A Once and Future Classic

In the 90’s dinosaurs seemed to be all the rage. The wildly successful first Jurassic park films of 90’s had tapped into a lively debate on the feasibility of reviving … Continue reading

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1976-1986 Rover SD1: Dashed Expectations

In many ways the once futuristic SD1 represents the best and worst of the British automotive industry. In 1976, the SD1 became a replacement for two cars, the Rover P6 and Triumph … Continue reading

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1987-1992 Rover Sterling 800/827

Austin Rover Cars of North America (ARCONA) marketed the Sterling brand in America, calling it’s only model the 800 (initially). It was actually a partnership with Honda, where the 800 … Continue reading

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