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What’s Wrong With: Chrysler

This series of What’s Wrong With could have been made just for Chrysler. For much of my life Chrysler has been in some kind of financial trouble. My first awareness of … Continue reading

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1994-1998 Ford Probe: The Almost Was Pony Car

Where have all the moderately price sporty coupes gone? The few affordable ones like the Scion Tc or Hyundai Elantra Sport are uninspiring. While the FRS/BRZ are exciting, they are priced in … Continue reading

September 6, 2015 · 2 Comments

1996-2001 Isuzu Vertex: Isuzu Does Its Civic Duty

Isuzu is hardly known for their cars in America anymore. The last passenger car the company sold here was the Impulse (with a GM version re-badged as the Geo Storm). … Continue reading

May 17, 2015 · 1 Comment

Screen Dreams: Automotive Infotainment Systems Part 1

While fumbling with the infotainment features on my Focus, I began to wonder about the long-term sustainability of my car’s primary driver distraction. As an early adopter, my experience with … Continue reading

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Volkswagen Santana: Quantum Physics in China

The Chinese auto market is an odd thing. There Buick is like Lexus and VW was like Toyota. Was because VW has lost its sales dominance to Buick of all … Continue reading

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1992-1994 Jaguar XJ220: The Super Car with Less Than Super Timing

  The late 1980s was a heated time for a new crop of modern supercars. Nearly everyone who was worth their space in Beverly Hills auto parlors were represented. Lamborghini, … Continue reading

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1993-1998 Citroen Xantia: Staying on the Level

When it comes to automotive shoulda-couda-wouldas in history, the fate of the French car in America comes to mind. The biggest peddler of French cars in America was PSA Peugeot, … Continue reading

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1995 – 1999 Pontiac Sunfire: The Value of Style

In what soon amounted the final hurrah for Pontiac’s version of the J car, the ’95-’99 was the Sunfire was a fresh restart, replacing the Sunbird as Pontiac’s compact car. … Continue reading

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1982-1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28: An American Original

Very few modern American cars can claim the fame of Chevrolet’s Camaro. Be you  a punk, hipster or hillbilly, there was a Camaro for you. There was even one aimed … Continue reading

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George Barris: King of the Kustomizers

Ever since the first cars rolled off the assembly line, they have become the subjects of customization. Individuals then shops sprung up that allowed the mass produce car to have … Continue reading

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