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2006-2010 Saturn Aura: Late and Great

2008 Saturn Aura XR

2008 Saturn Aura XR

Saturn’s Aura was what the L300 should have been. As Saturn’s mid-sized entry, the L300 created a lot of buzz and excitement among the Saturn faithful prior to its release. When the L300 did arrive, it was something of a disappointment. The Aura’s situation was the opposite/. It was a fantastic car that was lost on the minds of Saturn’s dwindling fan base, which was a shame considering that Saturn had one of the best line ups in GM in its final two years.

2008 Saturn Aura XE

2008 Saturn Aura XE

Saturn Aura Interior

Saturn Aura Interior

Proposed 2012 Aura

Proposed 2012 Aura

he announcement came that Saturn would be discontinued, just as designers were planning a slight redesign for 2012. The new car would have been more agressive looking, crossing into Pontaic territory. The Aura was too good to let die unlike the Sky, Saturn’s other star. Aura underpinnings would find life as a revived Buick Regal. As a Saturn, the Aura was a knockout value. As a Buick,the Epsilon platform was tweaked more to upscale tastes. The increased cost and development reflected the Regals intent to compete with the likes of Lexus, Volvo and BMW. The Saturn range was right where it should have been in its final two years. Unfortunately it was 22 or so years too late and a car as good as the Aura alone could not save the company.


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