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2010 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano: The Most beautiful Car in the World?

Few modern motorcars are as beautiful as Ferrari’s flagship gran tourer two seat sports car.  It replaced the similarly sized and styled 575 M Maranello in 2006. The 599 is as much a joint venture in conception as it is a collection of influences for its name. Designed by Pininfarina studios in conjunction with Ferrari’s design team, it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006. The 599 gets its name from a host of technical and thematic references. First the number 599 is in reference to the V12 engines displacement in cubic centimeters “599”. Then the GTB part, being an acronym for “Gran Turismo Berlinetta”. Finally the Fiorano reference comes from the test track that much of the 599’s track development was done on.

The sum of all this equals the fastest road going Ferrari ever and one of its most powerful at 612 hp. The 599 is also one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s in recent history. Embodying all the graceful lines that one would associate with an expensive and powerful Italian sports cars. In some respects the 599 carries on the styling of the departed 575, but with almost Corvette like overtones, almost down to the round rear lights.Under the hood lies the DOHC 48 valve V12 mated to a 6 speed ‘automated’ manual. As expected, this car features all the latest technology that Ferrari has ported to its road cars, from years of racing experience.

2010 Ferrari-599-GTB interior

2010 Ferrari-599-GTB interior

One of the more interesting technical features of the 599 is its magnetic suspension. It controls ride quality and height by allowing the driver to set it to one of three settings. The softer setting gives the 599 a luxury car like “soft” ride, while retaining all the dynamic handling characteristics expected of a Ferrari. The sport setting allows for more road feel and response. surprisingly,the net impression from driving or riding in a 599 seems to be that it’s noisy judging from blurbs from the press.

There are actually four variations of the 599 that go from super to super max.First the base model, if you can call a $300k+ car that, then there’s the option package called the HGTE (Handling Gran Tursimo Evoluzione) which adds a modified stiffer suspension and 20 inch wheels to the mix. The Evoluzione name was last used on a GTO in 1987.  For those wanting to go beyond the plain 599 GTB, there’s the 599XX. The XX is the ultimate 599, but is not street legal (at least in my neighborhood). It’s biggest benefit over the base 599 is it’s weight savings of 200lb. (about the weight of an American child). If you insist on having the ultimate in performance than the 599GTO is the 599 for you. Ferrari only pulls out the GTO name for it’s very best and the 599 might be the best of all.

It’s certainly Ferrarri’s most powerful and fastest road car posting a 0 to 60 time of 3.5 seconds and boasting 661 hp. All that power makes for a claimed top speed of 208 mph (2 mph more than the GTB). Impressive for a car that’s as docle around town as its fierce on the slalom. The GTO model will be produced in limited numbers. Only 599 cars will be built, making a collectable care even more precious. Most of those are no doubt already accounted for. Ferraris are sold all over the world, but America is one of its largest markets. As for ‘entry’ model GTB, you might find one or two available for sale if you are lucky enough to live near a large city with a Ferrari dealership. Unfortunately, for most Ferrari fans, the only way to experience the 599 is through die-cast or the Gran Turismo video game.

2010 Ferrari-599-GTB

2010 Ferrari-599-GTB

2010 Ferrari-599-GTB

2010 Ferrari-599-GTB


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