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1992-1994 Acura Vigor

1994 Acura Vigor

1994 Acura Vigor

Poor Vigor, when it was launched in 1992 to join the Legend and the Integra in the fledging Acura Division’s lineup, it was all but over shadowed. After all, the Legend had established that the Japanese could build premium cars with performance and quality to rival the Europeans, while the Integra was building a reputation as being a true drivers car.  The Legend  had also distanced itself from the top Honda sedan, the Accord by being larger and having distinctive (if not Honda bland) styling.

JDM Accord Inspire Interior

JDM Accord Inspire Interior

Honda had hoped the market would move towards lower priced alternatives to European near luxury cars. It would eventually, but Acura was in the right place with the wrong car as new entries from Lexus and Infiniti eclipsed it in performance, comfort and passenger room. The Vigor was criticized for having a harsh ride among other things.   Attempts were made to make the Vigor more Lexus like (soft ride), but it was already too late as Acura buyers either went upscale for the Legend or down market for the sportier Integra sports coupe, if they stayed in the Acura showroom at all. After sales and customer response started to take a beating, Acura decided to pull the plug on the Vigor after just 3 model years. A rare failure for Honda, the unloved Vigor was replaced with the more popular TL in 1996.

Too bad this car never really took off in America. Acura got the formula right with the TL. It’s more distinctive styling and improved room, comfort and performance was just want the Vigor needed.

1994 JDM Accord Inspire/Vigor

1994 JDM Accord Inspire/Vigor


2 comments on “1992-1994 Acura Vigor

  1. Derek McGee
    April 22, 2011

    this was my favorite car i owned from age 18-21 until i got hit my a drunk driver and it was totaled and would have cost more to fix than i paid for it,please get back to me with the details i am very interested ccall at ____and let me know what the price is and how any mikes

    • autopolis
      April 24, 2011

      Hey guy, I don’t have a Vigor to sell – sorry.

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