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1967-1973 Plymouth Valiant

Late 60's Plymouth Vailant coupe and sedan

Late 60’s Plymouth Vailant coupe and sedan

The Valiant was Plymouths high volume compact car (by the standards of pre-digital America). It’s formal, boxy shape was elegant, simple and straight forward. Quite possibly one of the most handsome looking compact cars ever from Chrysler, the Valiant at one point accounted for 40% of all Plymouth sales. And for good reason. By the third generation design’s debut in 1973, the Valiant had evolved form a strange bat like finmobile to the businesslike angular box that moved Chrysler design into the 70’s. It offered a configuration for nearly everyone from the economy minded Signet to the muscle car Scamp.
The Valiant was not only popular in the United States, but it sold well around the world. It’s smaller design was better suited for international markets than most American imports. In addition to cars being shipped from various US factories, they were produced in kit form to locations with local design modifications targeted to the respective market. The Valiant shared a basic platform with other Chrysler products, most notably the Dodge Dart and later Plymouth Duster. There were also two coupe designs and a formal looking 4-door sedan. At one point the Valiant was available as a convertible, but there was none in the third generation car. Engines ranged from  2.8 L slant sixes to a 5.6 L Hemi V8. The most sporting of all Valiants were the Scamp models. They featured larger Hemi V8 engines with around 400 hp.  Some Hemi versions were V6, but all Scamps came with special rally wheels and sometimes special graphics.

The Valiant coupes began to feature front end designs that were different from the sedans and would eventually spin off into its own model called the Duster in the 1974 model year.Like all cars from this vintage,they are extremely rare, but it’s not unusual to find run of the mill Valiants of later generations in the classified listings.


2 comments on “1967-1973 Plymouth Valiant

  1. Mitch MacLeod
    January 25, 2015

    The 5.6 litre V-8 (340) was not a hemi, and the Duster debuted in 1970 not 1974.

    • autopolis
      January 27, 2015

      That’s all true. While the first Duster was a fastback coupe version of the Valiant. It seemed that over time the Valiant part in the Duster’s name would be de -emphisized.

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