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1976-1983 Ford Fiesta Mark 1: Will the Real World Car Please Stand Up

The Ford Fiesta was one of  those cars that I figured I’d end up with as a kid. Like my toys at the time it was small, lightweight and fun to ride in. The Fiesta replaced the Pinto in Ford’s small car lineup. It represented efficient European engineering with it’s little 1.6l 4 cylinder engine. It offered great gas mileage and in it’s sportier versions, impressive performance in the 84hp XR2. In America we settled for sporty looking ‘S” version that had a 1.3l. Despite all of it’s charm, it was not well fitted to American tastes. We were accustomed to larger cars, even when they were supposed to be small. The Fiesta continued to be produced around the world, even after it was dumped here in favor of the Escort in 1980. Ford thinks America has finally caught up to the Fiesta and will be selling it here in 2010.

1981 Ford Fiesta XR2

1981 Ford Fiesta XR2


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