The cars we loved.

1980-1983 Honda Civic 1300/1500: You Always Remember the First

They’ll always be a warm spot in my heart for the Honda Civic. It was my first car. I remember it well. A white DX 1300 with tan interior and a 5speed manual. Dispite only having a whopping 55 horsepower, it was spirited and fun to drive.

I sported mine up with a red stripe along the body molding to mimic the look of the ‘S’ model. Subsequent Civics grew larger and more upmarket, but always maintained the fun to drive factor combined with high efficiency.

Sometime after the first “Fast and the Furious” film, Civics were forever marred by the tuning ambitions of teens everywhere.  That was probably it’s destiny anyway, after all it help start the pocket rocket phenomena along with the VW Rabbit GTi.  The Civic 1500 and later ‘S’ model were sought after small performance machines.

Back in the day Motor Trend magazine stated that the 1980 Honda Civic GL 1500 was faster from 0 to 60 than the 1979 Mustang GT!  I kept my Civic for about 2 years and eventually got a new car (1991 Chevrolet Cavalier).

Used second generation Civics (1980-1983) are hard to find and like all Civics, they hold their value well on the used car market. Maybe one day I’ll come across another one of these unmolested by  teenage boys or rust.



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