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2009 Ford Focus RS (Europe)

2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS

In switching gears from our 70’s Monza, I could have not picked a more different car: The 09 Ford Focus RS. The Focus was introduced in North America in 1999 and was based closely on it’s European counterpart. It eventually replaced the Escort (once a favorite of mine). As usually the case the Euro version looked and performed a lot better than ours. The latest Focus from Ford of Europe is the RS (Ralley Sport). RS models from Ford typically are lightweight, turbocharged and sometimes all wheel drive – this one’s no exception (almost). It’s got a 2.5-liter turbocharged Duratec 5-cylinder that put out 295hp. All of that power is driven through the front wheels and a 6-speed manual transmission. Ford has managed to tame any torque steer and make the car rather civilized inside. All indications are that it’s headed to America. No word on price, but it should cost more that the typical Mustang GT.

2009 Ford Focus RS


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